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Hinnerk Weiler in the Bahamas relaxing at Rose Island

Sailors life - sometimes it's not even about sailing...

LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. – Leaving Germany I had an outline for my voyage. And along the trip whenever I was asked where I come from and how I got there I was also asked where I am going to. Last time this happened speaking to a fifth grade in Amhersburg public school. Preparing my presentation required me to look on aspects of my travel through the view of ten years old. I tried to think about what I would have thought 25 years ago when I was at that age and if someone would come to present me a lifestyle light years away from the reality around me. After a while I realized, that living on a sailboat to travel around the world was probably way more imaginable than everything my parents did for living. So I presented them exactly what my life is: A constant change with few anchors and ongoing motion through countries and oceans full of dolphins, sea turtles and all kinds of other fascinating things.

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